Design Research Interviews from Innovation Consortium

February 2013

Interviewed with other project team members detailing aspects of our current Community-Based Innovation (CBI) project. The interview is a CBI production about the reflection focused collaboration with Post Danmark and the tools and methods used in the collaboration with Danske Bank.

Oxymorons of the Quantified Self: Personal Informatics and Big Data

October 2012

The momentum of interest in personal informatics within the interaction/service design community is increasing in relation to development of new services that facilitate the process of collecting, analysing, and presenting personal data. The domain has grown in recent times due to the availability and cost of existing and new sensor technologies, mobility of platforms that run these technologies, ubiquity of access to information brought by the internet, and improvements and popularity in the field of info graphics. This is all aligned with the increase in interest of future scenarios and opportunities under, the now mainstream terms, “big data” and “internet of things”.

Reflection for provoking alternative futures

August 2012

I am are interested in capturing unfamiliar and familiar aspects of an experience and representing them in ways to elicit reflection on the current state of “what is” that is embedded in the experience itself. It is envisioned that the action of reflecting on the experience may prompt insights into alternative futures. These alternatives are outcomes from the formation of mindfulness on the experience one is reflecting upon.Traditionally, mindfulness is associated to bringing awareness to the present experience at hand while being nonjudgmental in the approach. It is in this action that new ways of seeing the world may be invoked that lead to alternative futures.

Sustainable Materialism: Collaborative Consumption service research & solutions

September 2011

The “Sustainable Materialism” research was an exploration into understanding the social influences that drive an individual’s materialistic behaviour, and then using that understanding to develop interaction design solutions that reflect on materialism and promote sustainable behaviour, and lifestyles, through services. It drew heavily on the elements of materialism (being materialistic), and how these elements, embedded into our social structures and surroundings, help feed a perception of one-self through identity management.....

Mediafront Norway Interview

November 2011

"We invite colleagues, competitors, clients and other skilled people from (or relevant for) the industry, for a coffee. Todays guest is Aaron, from Melbourne, but he is currently living in Malmö, Sweden; transiting daily to work in Copenhagen, Denmark. After his education at The University of Melbourne Aaron completed his Masters in Interaction Design at K3, Malmö University; his thesis was on designing services for reflection on unsustainable outcomes. Aaron started his career in a small eCommerce startup in Melbourne, he has completed interaction design focused projects, and been a management consultant for several years on various projects and industries."

"Why Donor I?" Donor service solution for OpenIDEO

August 2011

A location based service solution that concentrates on using local donor information, collected through the service, to help promote and bring a sense of presence (and community connection) to the people that live and commute around you and their experiences in becoming bone marrow donors. The service eases the donor process by providing up-to-date simple visualised donor information. In the end, this will help to demystify the myths of the donor process and increase new donors.