Exploring new retail experiences with MUUSE

July 2012

We are currently looking for individuals to take part in a MUUSE challenge, please read on....

MUUSE promotes the work of young designers, introducing them and making their collections available to the customer, while handling the business aspect and assuming the financial risk, which often makes it extremely difficult for young designers to market their collections. Find out more about MUUSE on: www.muuse.com

MUUSE’s pre-order model is a refreshing change from the mass produced garments being retailed in other fashion websites, since it feels more personalized and unique. The way it works is that the collections of selected designers are made available for browsing on the MUUSE site, and the consumer can choose the piece they’re interested in, order it and enter their size and measurements after which point production of the garment will begin, tailored for the specific consumer. The most popular pieces are produced in an affordable and more wearable limited edition of 100 pieces called Ready-to-Wear available in the online shop. MUUSE focuses on the young designers’ creative visions, and at the same time it brings the consumer back into the picture, as an integral part of the entire process.

MUUSE is looking to support/augment their online business with a travelling fashion store, a pop-up store for the Ready-to-Wear items that can bring the uniqueness of the MUUSE experience into the physical world. Hence, we are searching for unique concepts that provide customer experiences that go beyond the traditional view on what a retail experience is. The pop-up store will be set up in existing retail environments (concept shops and department stores) for limited periods of time, thus concepts should take space limitations and movability of the store into consideration.

Possible starting points for ideation around the following themes:
- Mixed realities-blending the digital and physical worlds: What do you think is missing in the digital retail experience (online)? What do you think is missing in the physical retail experience (offline)? Can they learn from each other? Imagine new ways of combining the physical and digital retail experience
- Storytelling: How can MUUSE enhance the customer experience of the physical Ready-to-Wear garment?
- The Social garment: What could this be? Can the community be created through the garment? Can the designer create a dialogue with the customer?

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