Presenting at the Service Design Drinks, Copenhagen

June 2012

I presented (along with Lene Nielsen) at the “Service Design Drinks – Copenhagen” our learnings from the Copenhagen Service Jam 2012. Thanks to all for turning out and the inspiring discussions afterwards.

*snippet from invite*
For this summer Drink Service Design we have the honor to present three exciting presenters who together represent the entire food chain of service design. From building the necessary insight into user needs through involvement, development of services and products that meet their needs, to realization and delivery of service design in practice.The presentations will be followed up with discussion on how Service Design can take your existing services and create even more value for your customers, partners and the world.Kl. 16.15

Aaron Mullane, ITU/DTI , Interaction Design group and Lene Nielsen, Associate Professor at ITU , Interaction Design tells about a 48-hour accelerated service design process, they conducted at the ITU as part of the international movement Global Service Jam 2012 .

We look at the challenge, the construction of adequate understanding, development and prototyping of concrete solutions. Aaron and Lene share their experiences and results from jam’en in February.

Found out more info about the session here

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