Hey there!

I'm Aaron

I'm a human-centred designer, primarily in the design disciplines of service and interaction design. I grew up, and currently based, in Melbourne, Australia. I've been lucky in my career to work on many different design problem spaces for various industries across Sweden, Denmark and Australia.

Past Experience

A mixture of experience in academia, start-up environments, big corporate, to small agencies and consultancies.
  • (Malmö University, MEDEA)
  • Postgraduate Diploma Graphic Design
    (RMIT - Incomplete)
  • Bachelor of Information Systems
    (The University of Melbourne)

Publications & Presentations

Academic conference proceedings and presentations to EU-funded exhibitions.
  • Wearable Probes for Service Design
    (ServDes Conference, Lancaster UK, 2014)
  • Sustainable Materialism
    (Thesis, Malmö University)
  • City & Art Exhibition
    (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Time, Interaction, and Design in Support of a Good Life
    (CHI, Paris 2013)


Starting in information technology and gradually making my way to design.


Here are a few random things over the years, I've done... or written about. You might find them interesting.